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  • Goodbye Embargo: Russia opens the door for Sports Nutrition!

    13th October 2015

    In response to Western economic sanctions for the annexation of Crimea the Russian Federation decreed a ban on agricultural products and food stuffs from the EU, US, Norway, Canada and Australia on 6th August 2014 for a period of one year, although now extended until August 2016. However, exemptions where granted for some food products including nutritional supplements but this did not include ’Sports nutrition products’. 

    According to the latest Euromonitor figures, the sports nutrition market in Russia grew by almost…
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  • EFSA Sport Food Report: The 1st Step in Sports Foods being considered as simply ‘Normal Foods’ in the Eyes of EU law

    30th September 2015

    For over 14 years argument has raged over the place of sports foods in European law and specifically its dietetic food (PARNUTS) framework. Many have argued that the result of PARNUTS has been the restriction in the free movement of sports foods and confusion over when such products should fall under PARNUTS, fortified foods or food supplement legislation. As part of the repeal of the PARNUTS framework - sports foods to now be clearly housed in the ‘Normal/general food’ legislation…
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