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  • ESSNA to become industry voice and police sports nutrition sector

    4th April 2013

    The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) has announced plans to fundamentally expand its remit in what its officers have described as a "watershed moment" for the organisation.

    ESSNA has announced that it is to expand on its historic campaigning role to become a trade body for the European sports nutrition sector, while also stepping into the void to police the wider industry's compliance with EU regulations.

    Formed in December 2003, ESSNA's initial remit was to campaign against EU regulations that would…
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  • Enforcement concerns over health claims raised by European Commission

    23rd March 2013

    According to article 28 of the Nutrition and Health claims regulation (EC 1924/2006) claims not authorised may continue to be used only for an additional 6 months following adoption into the official journal.

    The decision on a number of general function claims (the 13.1 list) was adopted in 2012 (Regulation 432/2012) and by December 14th all non-authorised claims on the market should have been illegal. However, a number of countries have negotiated sell-through periods for products not inconformity with the…
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