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  • Yakult probiotic health claims not substantiated according to ASA

    16th May 2013

    In recent months a number of marketing gurus and branding experts have been suggesting that there is a 'regulatory void' between the use of no textual visual marketing and health claims regulation. However, in today's ruling by the UK's Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) its clearly not the case. The ASA investigated a Yakult TV advertisement that showed an animation of people skipping, walking a tightrope and pole-vaulting. The suggestion was that this imagery implied a ‘health benefit’ for the consumption…
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  • EU Horse meat survey - The results

    16th April 2013

    Following a 3 month program of random testing for horse DNA in processed beef including assessment of the anti-inflammatory horse drug phenylbutazone, or "bute have been published.  

    Of the 7,259 tests tests were carried out by the competent authorities in the 27 EU countries, of which 4,144 tested for the presence of horse meat DNA and 3,115 tested for the presence of phenylbutazone. Of those tests, 193 revealed positive traces of horse meat DNA (4.66%) and 16 showed positive traces…
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